Rare Interview

Rare Documentary Steve Jobs- Staff Meeting (1986 PBS Documentary)

Rare video of Steve Jobs & NeXT company from the 1986 PBS Documentary “Entrepreneur”

Lessons learned

  1. A CEO is  a visionary. The wind under the wings of his staff
  2. Set goals. Then set deadlines-even if they are impossible to achieve. You need to keep your staff on their toes.
  3. To empower means to speak. You need to perfect you body language and your speech. Where to start? HERE
  4. Believe in what you preach. Live what you preach.
  5. There is nothing wrong about disillusioning people.We sometimes need impossible tasks and goals. No matter if we achieve them or not, we can be sure that we went further than average, just by having the thought.
  6. YOU are the boss. YOU know the vision of the company. Know what you want and say NO!
  7. Listen to other people, if they empower your vision. If not convince them. If they doubt, get rid of them.


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