STOP Giving Your Life Energy Away!

Resistance only becomes a block when you feed your power to the resistance instead of your desires.

Do you really need the perfect body right now? Do you really need more money? Or are your true desires elsewhere?

What kinds of life experiences have you been putting off? What sorts of goals always seem to get shoved to the bottom of your to-do list, drowning in false prerequisites? What would you finally do if you already had the perfect body and unlimited financial abundance? Start feeding your power to those desires right now…


Because you are blocking yourself! Because a desire comes from deep within. It comes from you! If you ignore the things you desire, you automatically start living the desire of someone else…

Think of it this way:

After I dropped out of college I started working for a startup in Berlin. It was a great experience. However, I always wanted to sell something via internet. Why? I don’t know. But that doesn’t really matter. Something just attracted me being able to sell 24/7 to millions of people online. So instead of just setting out a venture, I joined a startup.

This startup was the desire of the founder. And since I didn’t start my own project, the desire of the founder was stronger than mine…

Of cause I learned tons of stuff while working there, HOWEVER my true desire, where I found my life energy wasn’t strong enough to start my own project AND reject the job offer.

I decided my time has come now- to channel my life energy towards that goal…

How much longer are you going to settle for non-results? How much longer will you keep applying the cowardly approach of feeding your power to something other than what you truly, deeply desire?

If you feed your Life Energy *directly* into your desires, progress can be very rapid. But when you shrink from your desires, you substitute cowardice for courage. Courage manifest results. If you are a coward you manifests non-results.

Now what sense does it make to fuss over losing a few more pounds, paying down your debts, or worrying about what other people might think *before* you give yourself full permission to feed your  life energy to your desires?

Perhaps if you’d spent more time focusing on and creating what you truly desire instead of feeding your life energy to false prerequisites, you wouldn’t be stuck with so many disempowering burdens right now.

Where did those extra pounds come from anyway? Were you trying to use food as an emotional substitute for what you really want???

Where did that debt come from? Were you trying to buy your way to happiness maybe??? Or possibly overspending on an unnecessary college degree as a false prerequisite for doing what you love???

Where did all those disempowering relationships come from? Were you trying to substitute shallow and/or negative connections for true intimacy and love???

Does it sting a bit to realize that you’re the one — the only one in fact — who’s been piling all the crap onto your own plate. You’re the one who created the extra weight and the debt. You’re the one who keeps choosing to maintain the disempowering relationships in your life. You’re the one who keeps showing up to do unfulfilling, uninspiring work.

Making the Shift

There are no prerequisites for using your  life energy to create what you desire. Stop blocking yourself. Stop feeding energy into what you don’t want.

It’s perfectly fine to have lots of different goals and desires, but don’t create false structures whereby you make one goal an unnecessary prerequisite for another. Allow the whole bundle of your desires to manifest simultaneously. That’s a lot more fun — and much more fulfilling and creative — than artificially linearizing the process to slow yourself down.

Where are you giving your  life energy away? What false prerequisites have you put in place to block you? What path would you take if you had unlimited courage? What’s stopping you from welcoming your desires into your life right now, regardless of circumstances?

Next steps….

Now for me it is growing an internet business, that throws of monetary results- Big one.

Ones that I can scale. For about 13 months now, I have been chasing that idea, always thinking if only I have enough money to start an internet business. But now I thought FUCK THAT! I have a plan, asked a friend to invest some money into me and now I will launch a couple of internet based projects this month

Book recommendation- Life Energy:


Unlimited Power- Anthony Robbins

If after this article, you feel inspired and are interested on how you can unleash your life energy in more detail and live a life full of desires, I recommend this book by Anthony Robbins. Anthony is a man that really knows how to inspire people and get you back on track. Feel free to look at it on more Detail here:

Unlimited Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement

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