Top 10 Date List Inspirations (Under 10€)

1. NEVER EVER PAY on a first date – Come on let’s be honest. You don’t really know that girl. Spending 100 € on a good meal in a restaurant is simply stupid. In business we talk of ROI (Return of Investment). If you meet a girl for 10-45 min and then take her on a date you don’t know her. Your investing into a “company” you know nothing about. Save that for the time you have a girlfriend

2. Try to Kiss her. Yes, I am sorry to piss on your bonfire but you should try to kiss her on a first date. Why? Man why the FUCK would she be an a date with you if she wouldn’t want to kiss you, have sex with you and enjoy her time with you. Maybe to get a free Lunch…? Refer back to Rule #1 :-)

3. Have fun.I Know it sounds cheesy. But why should a date be stressful. Once you tell yourself I am going on a date to have fun. Magic will happen.

So here is a list of  Under 10€ dates you should try out. (Some are your style and some not just pick out the ones you like)

1.Beach walk

If you live near a beach, take a walk at night with somebody. It is just one of the most romantic dates you can have.

Investment: 0,00€

Success Rate: Short/Longterm (Maybe even sex on the beach) 😛

2. Rent a small boat.

These little Swans or paddle boats are amazing.

Investment: 8,00€

Success Rate: Long/Short Term (Kissing is very difficult on there)

3. Eat Icecream

Go chill in a park on the grass (100% of the times I sat on the grass moved closer and then was able to kiss her)


Success Rate: Short term. Kiss 100%

4. Aerobic classes.

(for the crazy ones- You can attend free aerobic classes. How? Well you tell your date. It will be a surprise just bring things you would wear to work out.- keeps her on suspense. DONT tell her what you guys are doing. Then you call the aerobic class, tell them you and you girlfriend would like to attend a lesson and check the place out. Most of the times they will tell you it is no problem. )

Investment: 2,00€ Train ticket

Success Rate: Long term investment

5. Christmas Market.

Tell her you will buy her something for 2€. You and her will go on a hunt. If she finds a crazy monkey ball for example for 1,50€ buy it for her. Now when she goes home, she has this crazy monkey ball with her and every time she looks at it she will be thinking of you. Can be applied to shopping malls as well.

Investment: 2,00€

Success Rate: Long term investment

6. City hunting.

Just ask her which part of the city she has never seen. Then sit down and ask google, about awesome places in that  part of the city. Look at them before you go there ( small tip, try to get the names of the people working in the stores). And then when you show her the part of the city she does not know, and walk with her to the awesome stores you discovered before. You greet  the staff working there by there name. DAMN attraction is on. Because she thinks you are the major. get it?

Investment: 2,00€ Trainticket

Success Rate: Long term investment

7. Building a Kite. (In the park)

Investment: 6 € for Materials

Success Rate: Long term investment

8.  Just watching the moon and the water

just taking in the sensations. You could even add a bottle of wine and just sit there. Bring a little picnic of wine and cheese to the beach or lake.A fantastic way to spend a summer night.

Investment: 10,00€

Success Rate: Long/Short term – Do it to girls that you are interested in for a relationship.

9. Watching trains fly of at night.

Go where the airport is and just watch the planes hit the sky at night. It’s really intense, because if you look in one direction.

Investment: 0,00€-5,00€ for drinks and some snacks

Success Rate: Short Term. Leads to passionate sex.

10. A Picknick.

Tell her to bring blue fruits! You will bring red fruits.

Investment: 4,00€

Success Rate: Long Term relationship. Eating fruit is sensual and should lead to a kiss.

11. Planetarium. 

IT IS THE BOMB! And actually one of my secret tips. Only a hand full of visitors, will be there, which makes it super intense.(Make sure I don’t see you in the Berlin area, my planetarium packed full of people on dates :-)…)

Investment: 10,00€

Success Rate: Long/Short term.

Now, if you want to know how to seduce a women read this now!

Before I read this I never knew how to take a girl home form a date. But now I know 🙂

Highly recommendable  and thanks to Laura for helping be put this together.

Any other ideas? Feel free to comment. Thanks in advance.

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  1. if im dating a guy that’s not at least paying for parts of the first date, i will think he’s cheap and probably not go on a date with him again.
    if you don’t want to spend money on that girl, you shouldn’t have gone out with her in the first place.

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