Here Some Handy TIPS and TRICKS for New Year’s Eve:

First, RE-FUCKING-LAX! One night is not going to change what your social life was like the rest of the year. It just doesn’t work that way. Too many people make such a big deal over “5-4-3-2-1 Woohoo Happy New Year!”

The most disappointing night of the year is always New Year’s Eve because the expectations are always the highest. You put so much time, effort and energy into planning what you hope will be the most perfect night . . .

You can’t go out with a bang unless the whole year has been a bang. It’s really important for you to realize that one night (and one party) is not going to change things.

Keep that in mind.

So let’s get down to business.

TOOLS: Perhaps the most important tool for you is to ENJOY the party you are at. Sound silly and stupid? Well it is not. Think about what you accomplished. Think about how you grew. Think about what you learned about yourself this year. And think how much you will learn from this kick-ass blog in the months and years to come 🙂

And once your realize that and SEE THE MATRIX. You can distance yourself from the status quo and realize that 99% of the people at the party feel, that this should be THE BEST party ever. Good for you. Think about it.Who wants to have a shitty New Years eve?  Both men and women want a fucking awesome party. Thus they will make it into one. For the first time most people will be extremely friendly towards strangers. So instead of desperately going for that one night dip. You should go for the long term investment. Time for you to build a connection, meet new friends, business contacts and collect some numbers for later in the year. The key here is CONNECTION-CONNECTION-CONNECTION.

Some Posts you would want to read before the party are:

#1 How to start a conversation ( Simply read the short post and think about it)

#2 How to Build a connection (FULL ARTICLE)

Both are important tools to interact wit girls AND guys. That’s right.

New Year’s Eve is the most over hyped night of the year. Just because you are going to the so-called ‘coolest party of the year’ does not mean that your luck is going to change with the opposite sex. No matter where you are, you still need the skills to engage women. So really try to spend the night meeting as many new people as possible. DON’T give it the superficial meaning it does not deserve. Using New Year’s Eve to be happy with yourself, reflect on your year relax, sit back and meet all kinds of new people, that are happy and excited.

Kill it, like Mario on Mushroom-Mode.


  1. Hi Raphael & fellow readers,

    This is my first post in the blog & I am glad to be part of the group.
    2012 is almost here and we all hope for a better year ahead. Most importantly for me is better health, coz 2011 had not been so great. Let us celebrate and get ready for new ventures in 2012!

    A decade had gone for the new millenium…. man, time flies!Looking forward to more great stuffs in this blog, cheers!

    Tobias KR
    Penang, Malaysia

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