From SEXTING to removing the “TING” 1 of 2

sexting made easy


Ok guys,

so you got a girls number and you only remember her amazing body when you close your eyes… So you probably all fantasized about receiving some naughty pics  from the hot girl, that you picked up the other day. This not only builds up a sexual tension but to also shows her you are not the dude in the friends zone. Sending these naughty pictures back an fourth is called sexting.

Two central ideas I want to discuss in this Topic.

1. How do you get a girl sending you naughty pictures (WILL BE THIS POST)

2. How do you turn that into real life sex ( WILL PUBLISH NEXT WEEK- SO STAY TUNED)

1. How do you get a girl sending you naughty pictures

Take the lead!

First of all I want you guys to read closely what I shall write in the next lines. First of all GO AFTER THE GIRLS YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO. Essentially it all comes down to numbers. You will be blown out at times, so rather be blown out by 7 out of 10 hot chicks, then by 5 out of 10 standard looking chicks.

I mean I also fell into that trap to try to pick up every girl I saw in a room at a party. Essentially this allowed me to improve my skill but now a days it is all about efficiency! Go after the girls you think are attractive. If you stand in a room and see THAT girl (you know what I mean) :-) GO AFTER HER! If she blows you out. Fuck it. You tried and I figured out that subconsciously hot girls just think different than regular looking girls. So graduate from Medium Girl Pre- School, go into Highschool and practice in order to graduate from HOT GIRLS college.

Back on track. I think this is really central! I want you to understand, that need to be efficient with your time and your energy.

So how do I get a half naked picture of a girl? (Decided to write this post, after I received one this morning :-) )

1.1 Get whats-app (Here in Germany, this is really widely spread)

For some reason girls rather respond to whats-app messages than to text messages….With this program you can easily send pictures back an forth

The interaction:

-You should try this with girls that is NOT in your social circle. Here you can experiment what works best.

– Start by sending her  pictures of random places that you are at, and write something funny about it. Like (pictures of an old couple) ” Man I wonder if you will look like that one day. But the lady is pretty hot, don’t you think?! What are you up to”

Basically you want to get her to send you pictures of anything that is happening around her. Think of it like a circle you want to close the circle around her. That essentially leads into you having  a nice picture of her. You should do this 2-3 days, sending pictures back and forth. Be creative here.

Now since you created comfort with the girl you want to turn up the heat. In all your messages you should have a touch of sexual connotation. Like calling her sexyturtle or something like that. Now you want to get to that awesome Picture. You do that by contacting her via whats-app IN THE EVENING!!

Usually around 10-11 pm, this is the time most people are horny ^^ Also she needs to be at home(I think so)

I love steps and lists. So here a guideline:

1. Start of by finding out what she is up to (best case she is at home: mostly tuesdays or wednesdays)

– Your replies should match the length of hers and try to end with questions

2. Ask her what she is wearing 

3. SWITCH! Refer to something you guys talked about before

3.5 Talk about something related to sex. Favorite position or tell her about this couple that you saw the other day having sex in the park and you thought that was crazy… Go on about this a bit. Get her thinking about sex

4. Tell her that you need a cute picture of her for your phone contact list.

(Here you should be extremely playful! But persistent to get one)

5. Make a deal with her tell her if she gives you a picture- you will also send her one

6. HERE COMES THE BOOM! Whatever happens, you need to take the lead. YOU need to send her a picture of your six pack (GUYS BUT YOU REALLY NEED A GOOD BODY! :-) )

7. She will probably send you a duckface picture of herself… LAUGH and tell her she at least needs to send you a picture, that comes close to your sixpack picture…


THE ULTIMATE TRICK: Try to follow your intuition. If you write her messages back and forth about favorite sex positions and you are getting a hard-on, chances are she is as well turned on. Go from there start to push the boundaries. I know this takes courage, but this is why you should practice this with girls that you DONT SEE EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This should be made playful. Think about you as a child trading Pokemon card with your friends. You knew what you wanted, were persistent and knew how to change their minds, for that awesome Pikatchu ^^

Once she sends you a picture of her stomach, you should think about how to get more of what you want to see. Most of the times, whatever you want to see, you need to show first!


The way to do sexting How to Sexting

Sexting made easy

Ok so hope this helped. Let me know about your thoughts on this. Most importantly go out and try it out!!!! You have nothing to lose. Next week I will write about Turning sexting into real sex.

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