Top 10 “First Date” Inspirations

You recently got to know a really cute girl in a club, a bar, the bus stop or university. You talked to her and got her number or Facebook contact ? But where the fuck do you take her? Well I gottcha covered guys…

Due to the recent success of my recent blogpost: TOP 10 Datelist Inspirations under 10€ 

Now this article is exclusively about:  Top 10 First Dates

We all know the following situation: Either you were interrupted by her friends or the location (club) didn’t allow it. Or perhaps you simply went up to her, with a “balls to the wall approach”? Told her you thought she was pretty cute and you just had to come over and say “Hi”. Or you got to know her through a group of friends. Whatever the situation, you got her number now…

What is the “perfect” first date?

Just wait…On the on hand you are fucking proud of yourself on the other hand you think: ” Damn where do I take her now?” Well let me tell you, you have to meet her again ASAP!!! :-)….

But where do you take her?

Well I got you covered. With a list of “First Date Inspirations”.

First of, there is nothing such as a “perfect” first date location. The best place to take her should have to do with the topic you had when you talked to her. Talked to her about her about adventure and passion, why not take her to a zoo… ok?!


If you are miles away from getting a first date or just want to re-polish you knowledge:

– How to get that number watch this video

How to Facebook messages her 

How to Text Her? Watch:


1. Zoo 

Zoo Date
ADVENTURE,ADVENTURE,ADVENTURE! One of the best dates I ever had was in the Zoo. It is simply amazing. Really. You get to connect with her and she will remember it. And common who would say “NO” to: “Let’s go on a little safari in the zoo”?! Here you can let her buy herself a little toy from the souvenir shop. A little whale or tiger.
But remember don’t be stupid and pay everything for her. Show her that you value her, but don’t need to “buy” her friendship.
Investment: 15,00€ (You should NOT pay for her ticket!!)
Return of Investment(ROI): If you are looking for a relationship- EXTREMELY HIGH!

2. Arts Night

Art Date
Art Date

Nearly every city has an arts nights these days. If you both happen to appreciate quality art, you can do that. It is important however that you know what kind of girl you are dealing with. Because face the facts, not all girls are into art. Basic rule if you meet her in a club, while she was grinding on your dick and it was extremely sexual on a “body level” take her to a place where you can continue to escalate this. If you connected with her on an “intelecual” level go ahead. It is hard to verbalize this, you should look at the situation and then decide. Some girls are just not into art and culture-just like some guys aren’t.

Investment: Free

ROI: Medium but memorable

Estimated cost: free

3. Hiking

Hiking Date
Hiking Date

Little-known fact: a huge smile is the best way to scare off Bigfoot.

For the active guy, hiking is another solid first date maneuver. You two can enjoy the day together sweating it out in the beauty of nature. There’s always plenty to look at and discuss, and if you feel like shutting up and taking in the scenery, you can do that, too. Plus, with the seclusion of the woods, should the mood strike and things get a little hot and heavy, no one will be the wiser. Investment: free

ROI: After a quality time hiking and if you don’t fuck up later, she can literally become your girlfriend. HIGH Bonding!

4. Cooking

cooking date
cooking date

There’s something about two people working toward a common goal that brings them together. Plus, you’ll win points by showing her you can cook even the simplest of meals.SUPER IMPORTANT! While this is also true of dancing, you don’t have to worry about some Jamie Oliver wannabe swooping in the vegtables.

Investment: 15 € (Let her bring something, that contributes to the meal)

ROI: SUPERDUPER. You are at your appartment. If it gets hot and horny guess where you will cook next 🙂

5. Mini Golf

Mini golf date
Mini golf date

“Hold on sexy let me show you how this works” Hehe

This is the playful date, for everyone that likes to have a fun time. During mini golf you get let loose. Remember during the game you should challenge her, make her laugh and also show some skills(if you don’t have any skills also show them-it proves that  you are not worried about what people think about you).Variations include driving range and the pool hall


Investment: 10€

ROI: Medium and more a short term solution to keep her occupied.


6. Sporting Events

Date football

Sporting events can be fun even for people who don’t like sports, but if we’re going to recommend one sport in particular, it’s any local game. The slow, lazy pace of the game provides a lot of down time for chatting and/or drinking—though as a general rule, don’t drink more than she does. You don’t have to go pro—your local minor league team offers amusing action at much less than A-Rod’s per game salary.

Investment: 20€

ROI: Long term memory seed implanted into her head of you two at the game. GO FOR THE KISS!!!

7. Bowling

bowling date

Great form!

They’re fun, casual and allow for a ton of interaction. You can always pull the good old “helping her with her form” trick and she’ll laugh. So you suck at bowling? Who cares! It’ll actually be a better date if you both do, because the competitive element is gone. .

Investment: 15€

ROI: High

8. A Tourist at Home

tourist date
tourist date

“Yeah, yeah, the Brandenburg Gate. But over there is great shopping.”

Wherever you live, chances are there’s all kinds of local stuff you’ve never experienced that people who visit just wouldn’t miss. Grab a travel guide or go online and check out what your city has to offer. This works especially well if the girl is new in town. That said, even a native probably avoids tourist traps while secretly longing to visit them. Show her a side of the city she’s never seen.

Investment: 5€ (Just the coffee you will get somewhere)

ROI: Very good. If the girl is new in town make sure to contact here ASAP after the date and make out another date while you are on the date. Chances are that you are the only guy she knows in town, that had the balls to go an approach her.

8. If You Must: Dinner and a Movie

movie date

Ok. In a Blogpost I once dissed movie theaters. I would not go and ask a girl to come to a movie with me because I think it is really childish and sucks because you have no time to touch her (Kino) or to talk to her.I almost always advise against dinner and a movie. Not only is it played out, it’s high pressure and there’s not much room for conversation during a movie. Besides, nobody wants to hook up when they’re full. If you still want to go this route, two tips:

1. Get something unusual to eat that neither of you have ever had.

2. Substitute live theater for a movie. It’s a little more original.

Investment: 20€

ROI: You need SOLID “game” (meaning your ability to interact with women) to know when to escalate. Here you MUST kiss her at some point, if not you fucked it up.


10. Winging it

Life is all about creativity and being spontaneous. The best first date I ever had evolved, while I was talking to her. Yesterday for instance I approached a girl by asking her if she also heard about an awesome party that is going on tonight. I told her some of my friends want me to go there but I am not sure (some of my friends… signals that you have a social life). I got into a conversation with her and then she told me about this amazing coffe and cake place just 10 min away from where I meet her, that I have never heard about . Well guess where I am going to take her on the first date.
See if you LISTEN and THINK the most amazing first date emerges out of that. And you have an excuse to go there, since you guys “talked” about it.
Investment: shutting up sometimes and listening
ROI: A few new neurons and a great time

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