What is Micro-Escalation?

I don’t talk much anymore. I just listen. Everything I use to seduce is

non-verbal. For example I only use non-verbal statements of interest

like moving closer. The person who is talking is the person who is



Think about that.

By not talking much you are the one screening her.

Of course when you listen to her you want to make sure to use

‘seductive listening’ versus the “I’m just so happy to be here” facial

expression. Be animated. Seduce her with your eyes.

Again seduce her with your eyes. A good technique I use when I am

listening/talking to a lady I am really interested in is mind blowing.

It is amazing and pure seduction. Professional actors learn it…. Are your ready for it?

Ok here we go:


Imagine the girl you are talking to, has a Dildo. She used that Dildo last night…

And the Dildo carries your name. Imagine how she rubbed that Dildo against  her pussy last night to please herself,

and shouted out your name. “John…oh John yes aaah….” As an example.

Imagine how her room mate had to knock on her door and ask her, to who the fuck she

is talking to. Think of that every time you want to seduce a girl with your gaze and smile.

It works pure magic. It will instantly produce seductive smurk on your face. Come on

her Dildo is named after you 😛

This little mind trick will take away most anxiety.

And the less you speak, the more seductive you become.

I mean you should practice on how to feed people with conversation threads, but as a rule people love themselves more

than anything or anyone in this world. Let the talk, talk, talk. This is particularly  important in business.

In seduction however, you should be clear on what you want from the girl. If you want to sleep with her, use this “method”

to seduce her. The emphasis is on SEDUCE her. Don’t become the problem trash bag! Your life is to precious for that!

So remember :

#1 it’s much easier to escalate the vibe when listening versus talking, but you should be able to be seductive doing both.


Going for the Kiss Makes Me Nervous

Here is a common scenario. You are sitting and talking with a cute girl.

You assume she probably likes you because she hasn’t left and she

keeps asking you questions. So now all you can think about is “I need

to escalate”. You start to get really nervous. For most guys escalation

means only one thing, going for a kiss. It’s no secret guys constantly

worry “How can I kiss her?”

The problem is that you are not PRESENT in the conversation.

You are present in your mind debating with yourself. If this happens

you need to switch into the real world ASAP. Why? In my experience the moment

I got close and cosy with a girl and thought should I kiss her. She usually thinks the same.

If you are debating in your head should I kiss her now, she is thinking when is he going to kiss me. 🙂

Because you went through the same experiences as her… You are experiencing similar emotions.

I have a success rate off 99,9% on that. Just Trust yourself!!! If you fail. Ce la vie. Fuck it. Rather that, than

driving back home and kicking yourself in the butt for not pulling the trigger.


There is no need to worry about going for the kiss because there are

so many micro-escalations you can use to seduce her besides kissing.

Shutting up. That is an escalation. Look in her eyes. That is an

escalation. Stare at her lips. That is an escalation. Move closer to her.

That is an escalation. Leave your hand on her lower back for a few

seconds and then take it away. That is an escalation.

#2 The second you think, should I kiss her, start looking slowly at her lips, her eyes and then her mouth again. Then go in and kiss her.

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