Revolutionizing New Year’s Resolutions

So in today’s post, I’ve got a kick in the ass for you. What you will read in this post will grip you, will move you and will really wake you up in the RIGHT way as you start out this new year.

Do you remember when you were a little kid and as the end of the year approached you used to always tell people, “See you next year!” or “See you in a year!” You used to think you were so funny when you said it too. Then when you’d return to school after the break you would say things to your friends like, “Man I haven’t seen you in like a YEAR!” You thought that was about the funniest thing ever.

Let me start out by saying, that the problem with New Year’s resolutions, is that there always is a tomorrow. What do I mean? Well let’s look at some facts. Did you know, that in the first months of a New Year, is the highest number of people signing up in the entire year. What happens then, is something we can even see with our own eyes. In January your local fitness studio is packed with people, then in beginning in February, people start to slack. Latest in March 80% of the people drop out entirely. This routine repeats it self year by year with any habit, we wish to drop or acquire.

Reality check!

Most often we feel that the first of January is this Cinderella moment, in which we are able to transform into this perfect person. Well there are two sides to that:

On the one hand the problem is that we don’t see the big picture. On the other hand most people want to swallow this magic pill, that will answer all the questions in business, dating and motivation.

Well again only because a clock struck fucking midnight, does not mean this will happen. This is not fucking cinderella.

So what can we do? How can we improve any area of our lives, without facing the constant circle of failing our New Year’s resolution within the first months.

Start with the fundamentals!!!

1. Ask yourself WHY you want to do something. This is perhaps the most important question. Just confronting your conscious  thought, with subconscious triggers, can transform your company, dating life and productivity :


– why do I want to be better with women?

– why do I want to work out?

– why do I want to build an awesome company?

“…because my teenage sweetheart left me…”

“…because I want to feel more confident about my body…”

“…because my time on this planet is limited…”

Whatever the reason might be. Be honest!

Intent and direction

2. Since you have attached an emotional motivation to a certain action that you want to pursuit. It’s time to set the direction(intent):


How to set an intent:

Think of it this way. You  are siting in your car and waiting. Dreaming up all those places you want to visit. Paris,Madrid,Berlin… But the car is not fucking moving. Or if you manage to figure out, that you need certain factors so that you car can move . So you start driving… You then realize you are driving in circles without a CLEAR checkpoints to reach your goal, you just see the Louvre or the Brandenburger Gate in your mind. This is exactly how and why people break their New Year’s resolution within weeks and days to come, because they don’t get anywhere.

So you need to set a specific directions!

-What exactly do you want to accomplish

-how do you want to get there and

– who will you need…

This will create a mental direction plan. Then you need to start with small steps,  EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Both in business and in dating you need to figure out the intention (asking why?), set the fundamentals and then take everyday action.

A good resource for productivity can be found in the amazing site of a good friend of mine:

Gim’me dat friggin’ resource

Goal setting

3. Every day set a goal and intent and you will accomplish it.

Everyday set yourself small goals that lead to your large goal and do it. This will break down your dream into a staircase of results. So throw those resolutions out, that simply see the big picture and  break it down in the steps provided here. This will allow you not to put things off and to accomplish anything you want.

“Life never changes until you do it. Fear and excuse.”- Einstein

Feel fucking good

4. Feel good about yourself.

Laugh every single day. Smile at people every single day. Have a good time. Most importantly, learn how to be able to laugh at yourself.

Here is what I want you to do tomorrow. Every time you see someone you know but are seeing for the first time since the New Year, I want you to say this: “How have you been? I haven’t seen you in like a year!” Do it with a really big child-like smile on your face, almost as if you’re still ten years old and think what you’re saying is the funniest thing in the world.

Try it! Do it as the start of your resolution to not take life and yourself so seriously in.

Here a video you should watch, that will blow your mind and give your life meaning. HERE

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